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Not dead yet.

I have not forgotten about this space! Finishing grad school, teaching, living and studio moving and a crap load of other stuff has happened. Lots of R&D-ing is happening as of late. Follow me on Instagram to stay with the latest. Will return soon, I promise...

Good Bye, Hello

Bye, Stanford studio. You were good to me. 

Hello, Minnesota Street Project Studio. We're going to be tight.

Just want to give a quick update. I’ve said my good byes to grad school and have begun cookin’ a new art life in San Francisco’s Minnesota Street Projects. The studio has always been the heart of my practice which means I’ve been nesting hardcore in my new space. New buildouts, more and more shelving, a hot label maker, LEDs, etc. More to come….

!! SHORT NOTICE !! Opening reception tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 5th at Black Crown Gallery

Please come to the opening reception of a two-person show with myself, Masako Miyazaki, and Tanja Geis at Black Crown Gallery.
The reception will be from 6-9pm in the Chinatown section of Oakland, California.

——> 814 Alice Street, Oakland, California 94607. 

This event is a coalescence of many exciting elements—the inaugural show of a new gallery space in Oakland, my most recent sculptural work, and the work of Tanja Geis who most recently completed her time at the Headlands Center for the Arts. 

The show will be up until September 10th.
Would love to see you there!

Great opening night!

Thank you, everyone for coming out to the opening reception. Attendance was fantastic! My colleagues and I are proud of what we've put together. We've also proved that a "dark show" can still work, meaning, there were some concerns about the appeal of a dimly lit show. The gallery continues to attract a good number of people walking through during open hours. 

The gallery manager has now had to put a rickety "Please do not touch the art" computer printout signage next to my work as it's been enticing people to palm and handle the sculptures. This is a good and bad thing. I feel good in that the sculptures lure the viewer enough that one wants to touch it, yet the handling freaks me out because the pieces are fragile and I don't have molds of them yet. The idea is to edition each "Temple" after the show is down.

For those who have yet to see the show, please come on over. You must experience the "aura."
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