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End of East Bay Open Studios

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the studio. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to talk with visitors and show my work in person. 

I felt the love.

If you happened to miss open studios or if any pieces of work interests you please feel free to get in touch.

Also, pop in during Oakland's Art Murmur First Fridays. Join in on the art crawl and check out what's happening every first friday of each month.

P.S. who took my mailing list pen? 

New series STROBE

Please welcome new work, the STROBE series, under the "Works on paper" section.

A couple of notes: the pieces come in two sizes. See dimensions under each piece's description. 
Also, these pieces are not photographs and yes, they are completely flat. Tricky...

!! East Bay Open Studios !!

Come out and step it towards Studio #1 over at Swarm Studios in Jack London Square, Oakland, Ca. Works will be available for sale. 

Video of LACES installation uploaded

Check out the LACES installation in motion. Head over to "Works in motion" in the nav bar off to the left. 

For scale

Detail still of LACES installation

Installation LACES for Oakland Art Murmur

In the coming week, I will be posting a video of a new installation piece LACES I did for Swarm Gallery + Studios' Oakland Art Murmur debut this past Friday. Meanwhile, here are a couple of stills to give you an idea. 

The crowd was fantastic and the band Karta Kinski played in front of the installation for another level of sensational effect. 

This installation has set off another branch of work I'd like to produce in the coming year. 

New Facebook Page up

I've started a Facebook Page at:

I'll be mirroring what goes on in this "News" section on my "Timeline". 

Oakland Art Murmur First Fridays

Studio #1 at Swarm Studios is now on the map for Oakland's First Fridays art crawl. Let the first friday of every month be a chance to check out Jack London where trains share streets with pedestrians and cars. Yup, it's dangerous but not really. 

Two drawings from the At Fault series are still up in the group show over in the gallery side of Swarm. I'll also have an installation involving projection of moving things going on in the large studio space in the back. 

More work added

Updated "Works on paper" section with some wider body of work. I'll be filling out the "At Fault" series as the week rolls on. 

New business cards are IN

Just got my new business cards delivered. The cards come with 12 different images on the reverse side so pick whichever one you like. A bit of my markmaking to take with you. It's hard to tell from the picture but I had a stripe of red card stock sandwiched in between the white card stock. It gives the cards a comfortable heft. Could they be small pieces of art? Come scoop one up at Studio 1.

Write up in this week's East Bay Express!

The group show over at Swarm Gallery, In The Space Between, is East Bay Express' "PICKS" of the week. 

"Masako Miyazaki... avoid[s] cliché in a show that makes reference to, but keeps its distance from, 20th-century modes of object appropriation... Masako Miyazaki's large drawings seem to trace a geologic—albeit internal—landscape of neurons and fault lines...In The Space Between runs through April 15 at Swarm Gallery." 

Obi Kauffmann, Arts & Culture "PICKS", East Bay Express, Oakland, CA, March 21-27, 2012, p. 19

Uploading Works

I will be adding the AT FAULT series the week of March 26th. Meanwhile, please take a look at these drawings in earlier posts in "News" for installation shots.

Inquiries on the At Fault Series

The At Fault series is also available on commission. I've been getting a number of inquiries on any smaller drawings that might be available. Please contact me if you are interested.

Anton Hatwich Standup Bass Solo Performance

Anton Hatwich from Chicago performs in front of the installation wall. It was one of those moments that came together in such a wonderful way, it confirmed why I do what I do. Uff, I am lame for taking a photo of this solid performance with a phone camera. 

Artist Reception at Swarm Gallery

Great turnout for the reception! 

Thanks to those who came and enjoyed themselves. And thanks to those whom have already come to check out the show. If lots of people aren't your thing, please visit the gallery in your own time. Feel free to stop in for a 'hello' because most likely I'll be in studio in the back. (Studio 1 at Swarm Studios)

Night shot installation at Swarm Gallery in Oakland

I didn't anticipate for such dramatic effect in the gallery's evening lighting. Svea, the gallery director at Swarm, chose to leave the fluorescent lights off for this show. Good choice! The other artists' works look very classy.

Night shot installation at Swarm Gallery in Oakland

Night shot installation of At Fault No. 11

At Fault No. 11 detail

Fresh postcard announcements in

Come pick one up while you visit the gallery or my studio. (detail and info side)

Fresh postcard announcements in

Come pick one up while you visit the gallery or my studio. (image side)

Installation shot at Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA

Closer view of drawings' dimensionality.

Installation shot at Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA

Installation of At Fault No. 8 and At Fault No. 11.
Loved painting the black wall. It's come out super matte just the way I like it. 

Highlighted in the East Bay Express

Photograph taken for the East Bay Express' annual "Insider's Guide" representing the arts section. 

Photographer Stephen Loewinsohn, Arts & Culture "The Art of Creativity", East Bay Express Insider's Guide 2012, Oakland, CA, February 22-28, 2012, p. 43

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